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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Yours Truly is off to a cosmopolitan mediterranean island for a few days, so he won't be online as often...

Found on the net - Cintia Dicker, Carol Trentini, Bruna Erhardt and Loiane Bienow (Marilyn Brazil) say hi 

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Alessandra's Pink explosion

This event drew a big crowd, and they certainly got a good look at Alessandra - so, now many more people know who that model in the VS catalogues is.
Any good pics? Wireimage coverage here
Alessandra from GettyImages - go to, select "Entertainment", do a search using "Ambrosio" 

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If Ale is dressed up as a cheerleader, it's not an accident - she doesn't look too "exotic", like other Brazilian mods, and probably looks like the hottest date you could ever have in high school.

Satya Arteau on the beach...

"Excess Nudity" my ass - complain to my advertisers!
NYC "professionals" probably thought French-Canadian Satya Arteau was too "commercial" or too "glam" or some other crap - what you got instead was ...(name any of two dozen forgettable Canuck mods)
Of course, being with Elite didn't help much...

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Cindy C wannabees - Rosemarie Wetzel

Rosemarie Wetzel (Indonesian/Dutch) was the bionic version of Cindy C - over 1m83 tall, her legs were an awesome site. I think she displayed them for a French beauty firm fairly recently - she is still around.
JC said in late 1995 that she was "...Elite's latest supemodel..."
She was obviously too much for the Amber V crowd and most others at the time - AW fans were probably horrified.
Quite popular in 96/97, she did catwalk shows as late as 1999-2000, but the trash onslaught certainly didn't favor her.
The UK Cosmo editrixes btw always displayed far better taste than their conformist US counterparts (or am I saying that coz they gave 2-3 covers to Fabi Tambosi..)

C Turlington lookalikes

I was looking at some old pics of C Turlington at and I thought - who the hell the usual suspects are going to come up with, as her "lookalike"?
There are plenty of poor taste options - the good taste one must be Mara Darmousli, who works a lot in Paris and used to be with IMG last time I checked - or maybe with Next?

Donatella V a cokehead?

The usual gossipers report that "...designer Donatella Versace is in rehab for cocaine addiction...the perpetually tanned queen of the fashion world recently quietly checked into a center for the drug-plagued at an undisclosed location...friends said the 49-year-old designer of the family's famed clothing line has been privately battling a drug problem for years..."
Daughter Allegra, who owns 50% of the firm since late June and reportedly exhibited signs of anorexia in the past is to start studies at Brown University soon.

Please, no jokes about the S Meisel campaigns...

IMG news - according to Model Mania, the latest IMG contribution to good taste is "JP", who appears to have only two widely-spaced front teeth. It could be the latest trend in NYC, after fake gold teeth - JP of course has three Vogue Italia stories coming up.
You probably already know that IMG models are the biggest and richest - not only Forbes, but now even the Guiness Book of World Records certifies that. Knowing of course that (non-IMG) model Naomi Campbell -the supermodel who isn't particularly big in NYC- works since the late 80s, makes it highly improbable that she is not included among the top names in these lists.
I wonder how Carolyn Murphy managed to make more money than Naomi C - it couldn't be from renting surfboards while she was living the boho life in Costa Rica?

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Russian Models update

Bulgarian Mariya Runyova
What's up with Russian/Ukrainian mods?
There are quite a few arriving in NYC lately - certainly a big change, considering that local "professionals" were quoted in certain hip NYC mags only a few years ago expressing their disbelief re the existence of Russian fashion models. The pros in Milan and Paris know otherwise - since 1994 or so - but since NYC rules the modelling game, we need to look at who is doing what there...

Valentina Zelyaeva got Ralph Lauren and CK campaigns and certainly established herself before even giving the locals a chance to admire her catwalk skills - I actually met Valya back in July 2000 in a model contest in Moscow, but I admit that my attention was focused elsewhere...anyway, she married a Brazilian club/music promoter at some point, worked a lot in Japan and Brazil, and was quite visible in the last SPFW shows (as Valentina Eva)

Natasha Poly (Pola? Polevshchikova?) was doing the "Chanel Tour" along with other little-known models in Japan a few months ago, some Russians who were there can't figure out why she was singled out for high fashion success - looks like another random hipster selection.
She had been with Parisian agency Success for some time - the agency's glam blondes certainly demand more attention.

Volodina's bfriend/booker managed to get Polina Kouklina to NYC, even it it took over a year - she signed with Trump Models, and the hype machine will certainly be behind her.

Lena Pervykh
Eugenia Volodina herself remains the NYC biz beauty ideal - all I can say is that other Russian mods who know her well, didn't recognise her in the last two campaigns she did, for Dior and Fendi - make whatever you want of it. I was never really crazy about Volodina, since her face is so-so by Russian standards and her butt is massive (93cm, bigger than Daniela Sarahyba - is IMG going to do something with her?) especially when compared to her 81 cm chest, resulting in a pyramidal body shape (81-63-93, 1m81 tall) - still, it seems that it is exactly what the NYC pros want, they are certainly drooling over her...

The CK people botched their biggest chance in 15 years - Natalia Vodianova. They even made the mistake or replacing Sorrenti with Meisel, who is simply incapable of conveying the sensual Lolitaesque look that is Natalia's trademark.
Too bad for them - Natalia has her rich hubby, L'Oreal is pushing her, so she couldn't care less.

In the DNA Models site you'll notice a "Masha" - that's Masha Novosselova, they predictably chose a really shitty pic which makes her look like a cross between Kate Moss and Karen Elson, when she looks more like a high quality Susan Eldridge. London dwellers can get a good look at her - she is the mod in the huge posters hanging in the windows at Selfridges. Some people at H Bazaar like her a lot. Good prospect, when she finally arrives in NYC.
I think Marleen Berkova has the right look for this season - still waiting to see if they are going to do something with Vika Sementsova. I see that Tanya Kovylina is no longer with them.

Why Ford Models sends scouts to the ex-USSR always intrigued me - they never promoted any of their finds, even their Ukrainian "Supermodel" contest winner has gone AWOL. I guees their local market is more into Fanni Bostrum types - too bad An Oost isn't selling any more. A total mess!!!
As for Elite/One Models - better leave that aside.

A really impressive girl who needs to be "discovered" is Mariya Runyova - Bulgarian I think, with WhyNot in Milan. A quality face - for those who can tell the difference - is Russian Nastya Ivanova, with the same agency. Lena Pervykh has left a certain agent speechelss, but little news from her, despite German Elle and Vogue Espana Novias covers - at 1m80 tall, a far better model than Volodina. Olga Otrokhova should get her big chance one day. And there are many more...

Real Flemish blonde babes eat lots of butter Dept

Annemieke van der Berg was the definition of the Flemish blonde babe on a 100% percent fat butter diet - in a pic from the Newport News catalog, where she is a regular

when I saw her next to 15 y.o Yfke, as Demarchelier was shooting the Dutch duo, 15 y.o (!!) Annemieke looked like she was going to explode out of that tight semi-transparent Elite Fashion dress - JC begged her to lose a few kilos, but she was oblivious to all that " Ooooh, but I am going to the Caribbean next for a shoot, nice eh?...". Her Euro agency stats are 1m79, 89-62-90.
Imagine that Elite abandoned mods like Annemieke and Ingrid Seynhaeve and even Yfke Sturm, and hyped dowdy Dewi Driegen - probably the blandest Dutch blonde mod ever (who btw never was in the Model Look - she was 3d in a Metropolitan Models contest that took place in Beijing in 2000, Marina Prudnykova was the winner, Dewi later switced to Elite).. not that high fashion didn't adore her, it couldn't possibly be otherwise.

I came very close to pissing off Demarchelier here - but I got a nice shot of Annemieke, Yfke and US girl Jennifer Sherley...who dares, wins.

Diana K from Newport News

A healthy-looking Diana Kovalchuk, 1m78 and 86-60-89, from the Newport News catalogue

Barros sisters in L'Oreal

Ana Beatriz and Patricia Barros, from the same <em>L'Oreal</em> campaign in Brazil Posted by Hello

Monday, July 26, 2004

Politics detour: US polls reportedly show that Dubya wins big when Al-Qaeda is mentioned - US voters think he can do better in fighting "terrorism" when compared to the Democratic candidate. If you thought Dubya and his English pal, Tony Blair, were always bitter Al-Qaeda enemies, check this out:

"...Two French intelligence experts ......reveal that the first Interpol arrest warrant for bin Laden was issued by Libya in March 1998. According to journalist Guillaume Dasquié and Jean-Charles Brisard, an adviser to French President Jacques Chirac, British and US intelligence agencies buried the fact that the arrest warrant had come from Libya (the first arrest warrant against bin Laden came from Egypt, on Sept 11 1996)

British and US intelligence agencies played down the arrest warrant, and had the public version of the warrant stripped of important information, such as the summary of charges and the fact that Libya requested the warrant. At this point, no Western country has yet issued a warrant for bin Laden, even though he publicly called for attacks on Western targets beginning in 1996..The arrest warrant was issued for the murder in 1994 of two German anti-terrorism agents.

Bin Laden supported a Libyan fundamentalist group called al-Muqatila... Al-Muqatila wanted to assassinate Gadafy, whom it considered an infidel. According to the former MI5 agent David Shayler, British intelligence - also in league with al-Muqatila - tried to assassinate Gadafy in November 1996. It was because of British collaboration with al-Muqatila that the Interpol warrant [for Bin Laden] was ignored...The BBC was allowed to interview Shayler in Paris after his claims were widely reported in the international media and after Shayler threatened to publish them on the internet, thus bypassing a gagging order imposed by the Blair government. The Panorama programme was due to be broadcast on August 6, but was held up by the Security Services until August 7 and censored...
(me says - I thought this only happened in places like Russia and China, not in Anna Wintour's home country)

According to his interview, a Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6) officer handed £100,000 to an Arab agent to mastermind the assassination of Gadafy. The agent, codenamed Tunworth, had links with a militant Islamic group who arranged a failed attempt on Gadafy's life in late February 1996.
Tunworth's MI6 handler--PT16B--met Shayler while he was in MI5 section G9, responsible for monitoring Libyan activities. Shayler's girlfriend, another ex-MI5 agent, Annie Machon, says he 'headed up' the section for two years from August 7, 1994. PT16B told Shayler that a bomb exploded under the wrong car, Gadafy was unhurt and several civilians were killed or injured. He said that authorisation for the operation, 'went all the way to the top.'.... after the failed attempt, the British continue to support al-Muqatila — for instance, the group publishes a newsletter from a London office...

Five months after the warrant was issued, Al-Qaeda killed more than 200 people in the truck bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.... The Libyan al-Qaeda cell included Anas al-Liby, who remains on the US government's most wanted list with a reward of $25 million for his capture. He is wanted for his involvement in the African embassy bombings. Al-Liby was with bin Laden in Sudan before the al-Qaeda leader returned to Afghanistan in 1996. Astonishingly, despite suspicions that he was a high-level al-Qaeda operative, al-Liby was given political asylum in Britain and lived in Manchester until May of 2000...

The Observer has been restrained from printing details of the allegations during the course of the trial of David Shayler, who was last week (in 2002) sentenced to six months in prison for disclosing documents obtained during his time as an MI5 officer..."

Looks like bin Laden (said by some to be very much dead, and frozen stiff) and his pals were very useful to a lot of people before 9/11 - they were suitable for all kinds of "dirty" jobs.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

"S Meisel shaved my eyebrows again" Dept

The Miuccia Prada/Conde Nast suckup jobs continue - here is what a "dyspeptic" NY Times hack had to say, in a story about robots:

"...Automatons, some fearsome, some friendly, populate a flurry of summer films, among them, of course, the pneumatic digital homemakers of "The Stepford Wives" and the elegantly attenuated silicone-and-metal men of "I, Robot...Some, like Miuccia Prada's whimsical, retro-futuristic digital men and women, suspended from key chains, have a nostalgic, endearingly cartoonish some scholars argue, the current crop of robots, those designed to outperform their masters, stand as a metaphor for the relentless, and uniquely American, drive to self-improvement...That notion resonates in the fashion world, evidence, perhaps, of its enduring love-hate relationship with artifice. In this month's Italian Vogue, the photographer Steven Meisel slyly sends up a contemporary beauty ideal, training his lens on the androidlike features of a clutch of nearly identical models. Their eyebrowless features, lunar-pale skin and platinum wigs render them flawless to a degree that is seldom, if ever, seen in nature...The fascination with artifice is echoed, as well, in the window display at the Prada store on lower Broadway in Manhattan. "

so - learn to love the robot, buy Conde Nast mags, make sure to visit the Prada store in lower Manhattan - and then get ready for robotic but "aspirational" models to hit NYC. Pass the sickbag...

Here is a Blog value-added feature - "interpretations for the somewhat clueless and those who couldn't care less about NYC fashion heroes":

Like the man was singing,

Holly came from Miami, F.L.A.
Hitch-hiked her way across the USA
Plucked her eyebrows on the way
Shaved her legs and then he was a she
She says, Hey babe
Take a walk on the wild side
She said, Hey honey
Take a walk on the wild side
Jackie is just speeding away
Thought she was James Dean for a day
Then I guess she had to crash
Valium would have helped that bash

Holly exists, he/she is transvestite actress Holly Woodlawn, star of Andy Warhol's Trash (1970), also in Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss (1998)
(Not relevant herself, but the fact that she "plucked her eyebrows" and the resulting transformation)
Yours Truly commented before on the local basse classe Warholite influence, evident in every aspect of NYC "fashion" - "cool" NY fashionistas "pay homage" to their fave transvestites every chance they get - which explains why some "cool" models look they way they look...
I posted on Jackie Curtis before, Warhol's fave tranny, who looked like -recent- beauty queen Karen Elson. It could be that they are all big Gary Glitter fans, but I doubt it...

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Supermodels and automobile advertising

Remember the Renault "Twingo e" ad from 96/97?
See if you can ID the mods...(click on the pic)
The tough one is in the middle...
The rest are easy - three Russians and an English girl.

The "e" was for "Elite" btw - celebrating the 20 years of Elite Models.  The mid-90s supermodel frenzy resulted into fashion models invading the automobile industry - guess what, Opel is coming out with "Fashion" car models this year...and there will be more of the same.
NYC types would of course have chosen Amber V, Maggie R, etc for the campaign - good thing it was shot in Paris... notice that this was ages before most NYC biz people knew Russian fashion models existed.

The second page from the same ad...

Real biz pros comment...

Here is a post I received from a biz professional, regarding "aspirational" mods...

FV..PURE GENIUS!!  As a scout who has worked in the business for 20 years....and who has been told by more than one agency owner/director that I see things too far ahead..... Your article not only confirms every single complaint I have ever had about the lack of foresight in agencies and their bookers.. and the biggest problem of having people who allow "an attitude" to suffice for expierience and vision and who deny truly beautiful girls opportunities either because they are afraid to go against the "cool" flow and get their hand slapped for actually promoting a beautiful girl or they just can't see the forest through the trees and can't spot great new talent until someone else turns the girl out.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to be able to book a girl that already has an amazing book or has a book full of covers and tear sheets! The truly talented individuals in this industry are the ones who are able to see the stars before they are born and build them from ground zero. The defensive response from the glorified telemarketers who through their lack of vision--almost destroy a viable model's career who leaves them if she gets wise to them in time is-"Oh, we dropped her," or some other pithy slag.
I would like to know if the true visionaries in this industry are going to ever get the credit they deserve. Thank you for having the cohonees to paint a true picture of the sad state of this industry. There are people in this industry who truly care about the well being of young models..but too many are willing to look the other way to keep their "status" and their jobs and stand by and do nothing. Those who do pay a heavy price and are gravely underappreciated by the industry and worse by the models they try to protect.
Some believe it is safer to stick with the herd.. Not this maverick.. And FV either! Bravo!

My response:

Well, Ms Model Scout, one reason model quality has gone down is that the old model scouts have disappeared.  IMG had a couple of good ones, Elite had some excellent people in places like Vienna and Brazil, their guy in Moscow was terrorizing everyone but had the very best girls - but by late 1999, after the center of gravity moved to NYC, all these people went their own way. The quirky crowd destroyed the concept of the "quality model" - anyone could travel to some hamlet in the middle of nowhere, pick some 14 yo with bad teeth, send her to London where the hype machine would fix her with "Testino polaroids", "Katie Grand editorial" or whatever was needed to sell to NYC or the clueless types in Paris/Milan and that was it - there was no need for good scouts anymore. What's the point of finding a better model when she is worth as much as any nobody the usual suspects want to hype?
I make no money from modelling. so I can say whatever I want btw - Conde Nast, IMG, etc can't complain to my advertisers!!!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2004

Ana Beatriz Italian L'Oreal ad

This is the Ana Italian L'Oreal Elvive ad again - Blogger now offers local storage and thumbnails, if you click on the pic, you'll see the full-size original scan (by Giulio Fabris) Posted by Hello


Looks like Cindy Crawford is getting back into fashion - she is now represented By Planit M, a new agency in NYC
Maybe its time somebody digs out some good brown-haired, brown-eyed mods. It may also be the right time for Diana Kovalchuk to take fashion modelling more seriously.

There are roumors that Gerald Marie and A Kittler won their battle against C Larpin for control of Elite - if I was GM, I would get rid of any Elite business in NYC, open up an Elite Paris office in its place (just to piss off some locals), ally with J L Brunel and any other playboy old-timer still able to do business - and give everyone hell!

Tatjana Patitz will be active in the upcoming months, as well.

If you wanted to spit on R Lauren's face, you finally have the chance - his face will appear on Jamaican postage stamps.

The person who discovered "new" IMG star Daria Werbowy sued IMG (in Cleveland?) for refusing to pay the 10% "mother agent" fee stipulated in their agreement. Interestinly, she wants the money starting June 7 1998 - does this mean that Daria has been modelling for IMG for some six years??? Daria is 21 y.o.
Update: A Blog visitor informs me that Daria WAS represented 6/7 years ago by Elite in Canada...

More proof that Giorgio Armani has lost it completely - after switching to IMG and other "hip" models for his campaigns (does he know Amanda Moore appears naked, and on top of a dude, in an Italian Pinko ad?), publically begs LVMH to buy him out, puts all his money in a dozen new luxury hotels instead of expanding his fashion empire (tells you how bright a future fashion has) -- now he gets in a fight with vogue-friendly NY Times, because their hacks didn't like his latest men's collection!!!
He apparently has "persistent and significant philosophical difference with the newspaper's fashion desk".
If he hires more AW/Meisel operatives, and uses more "NYC cool" models, maybe he'll get better reviews.
Is there a single man who decides which clothes to buy after reading men's collection show reviews - and in the NY Times????? Geesh!

Saturday, July 17, 2004

HOWDY !!!!

Welcome to all - this is FV's New Models II, time to move on and take advantage of the new features Blogger is offering...

The site motto is "The Incomprehencible Beauty Site".
I got that idea when I read the comments made by some NYC modelling "professional" - that his agency couldn't represent "incomprehencible beauty" types...

The original Blog, FV's New Models, can be found here - it covers the period from early 2002 to July 2004.
My old site stops at Dec 2000 - I skipped fashion's major pukefest period, back when the adorable "Belgians" were en vogue.