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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

VS tour

Iris H tells me the "Angels Across America" extravaganza is on - pics here, at GettyImages and similar sites. Extensive examination of the PR pics shows that Alessandra Ambrosio is the only one exposing her bellybutton - I am not aware of the significance of this.

Apparently the main event in NYC was cancelled - VS says it was due to eco-freaks with chainsaws protesting outside the VS NYC Herald Sq store. No word if Angie L was present. According to this VS catalogues may be the biggest threat the Canucks are facing. These VS people are a bunch of hosers, eh?

Elle McPherson's underware now sell better than many overhyped high fashion labels - no wonder UK Vogue is paying attention.

Angie Lindvall is pregnant again - we learn that she is "...married to commercial diver William Edwards, already has a two-year-old son, Dakota, and is set to act as the face of Calvin Klein for the forthcoming spring/summer 2005 ad campaign".
No word if she will replace N Vodianova.


At 11/12/2004 6:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The UK underwear market seems to vary a LOT from the US market. In the UK, there are a lot of 'celebs' with their own lines; Caprice, Kylie Minogue, even a guy who hosted a fashion show last on TV years ago has brought out his own line. Elle's lingerie is joining a crowded market and might not do as well as the ready-established ones.

VS doesn't exist, other than the pics run in men's magazines for reader's interest. So everyone's aware of the brand name, but the actual product is hard to locate. The catalogue isn't distributed and the shipping charges US->UK were punitive, last time I looked.

The Wonderbra style of underwear used to be heavily promoted, using all the Euro models, but that doesn't seem to happen anymore; all the product stands have disappeared and you no longer get top Euro models in the catalogues wearing the stuff.

I once stole a product stand featuring Shana Zadrick in underwear from a department store. It was half my height, and nobody stopped me. She might have looked like a man, but I was crazy about the big hair.

- Cathy

At 11/12/2004 10:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't think i'm not noticing all your potshots at angie!!! ;) -dk

At 11/12/2004 11:45 PM, Blogger FV said...

Hey, dk, is there a pic of Angie brandishing a chainsaw?

Did she meet that "diver" some place near her riverboat btw?

Cathy, I agree that the UK market is very different, and the UK public seems more "relaxed" when it comes to lingerie advertising.
Elle's line seems to be doing better than expected, at least that's what UK Vogue says.
Kylie's lingerie ad is so bizarre, I can't find words to describe it...

I have to admit I like the Italian/Swiss/Austrian products, from a design point of view
French lingerie is horrible, I don't see how it can appeal to men, except maybe loyal bordello customers...

I think UK Wonderbra could have done a much better job promoting Inna Zobova, for some reason you don't see their new ads as often as when Adriana Sklenarikova was doing the campaign. It's hard to find models as impressive as Adriana, although Inna looks far more interesting than most hip young Hollywood stars. With her beehive "Russian salon" hairdo, she looks like she jumped out of a 60s movie
She was in Cannes, when Vodianova was wearing that garish green dress doing PR for L'Oreal - Inna got very little attention from the media, because they had no idea who she was.

Shana looked like these wild Tex-Mex chicks, with the cowboy boots, hotpants and the tiny bust thingie - Meisel probably liked her for her eyebrows, but she had that Raquel Welch-style appeal, at least in the GUESS ads - I hope she didn't change her look later!!!


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