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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Isabeli was kissing Henri Castelli in public recently, both sporting engagement rings.
The German GQ Dec 2004 issue asks who will succeed Gisele as the top Brazilian fashion model - I am sure IMG doesn't entirely agree with the idea, but in any case, the possible contenders are mentioned as Ana Beatriz (on their December cover last year), Anna Hickmann, Leticia Birkheuer, Adriana Lima and Daniella Cicarelli (who is to marry Ronaldo?)
I guess they don't think Isabeli has a chance. You can also vote here
Currently, Ana Bia leads with 32% (I only voted once)- Adriana has 26%, Daniella 15%, Leticia 14% and Ana H 13%.

Anyone knows if the Shopping Iguatemi SP campaign with Ana Bia, Gianne Albertoni and Loenie Bienow is the new one? Pics?

Brazilian FW - Fashion Rio slated for January 12-15, Sao Paulo FW Jan 19-25
(but check again if you plan to go there !!)

Cindy Crawford will be in the S/S 2005 campaign for Byblos, and she has a new cosmetics line coming out.

Jil Sander left Prada for the second time - no word if Miuccia's hubby will once again proclaim that "marketing is more important than any designer".

The semi-edgy publication known as French Elle saw fit to report on A Wintour's troubles with her ex-nanny and her toxic poisoning episode - the live-in nanny passed out from "...paint-thinner being used by workers send by Conde Nast to remove anti-fur graffiti from the magazine executive's house"
"On December 2, 1997, a group calling itself the Paint Panthers spray-painted a trail of red paw-prints to her townhouse on Sullivan Street, ending in a pool of animal blood on the doorstep".
The nanny almost died as a result of the clean-up efforts, and won $2.2 million for her anguish last month.
If AW's NYC minions say anything nice about French Elle again, you may as well see me star in a US Vogue editorial...

Which reminds me - is G Bensimon still comatose fashionwise? He was last seen in a "GUESS Watches" model contest, where he helped in the judging. Not much came out of it.

Finally, Tom Ford said that the French are "the worst dressed people in the world", among other things. The French LVMH boss, Bernard Arnault, is nevertheless "having regular lunches", with Tom (he too must have an awful dress sense). Tom insists that if he starts his own fashion label, whether LVMH-supported or not, he'll be "living half in London designing things and making movies in Hollywood".
Even though he has little good to say about the French, he likes London for "...the tradition, the formality, the manners, the England, men can still be foppish. It's not like that in France. I think they're among the worst-dressed people in the world"
He must be the first person ever who admires Londoners for their manners.

Let's see what the Paris-based Vogue Hommes -edited by Tom's (ex?) boyfriend, Richard Buckley- has to say about all that.


At 11/17/2004 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i didn't even realize until now that i will be in rio for the first three days of their fashion week. i'm going to get a press pass and cover it for fun- it's so easy to get backstage at SPFW if you're from the U.S. according to a friend of mine, i'm sure it will be a piece of cake in rio. any idea which mods will be in those shows? -dk

At 11/17/2004 8:10 PM, Blogger bla said...

I live in Brazil but no in Rio or SP. FV, do you know any portuguese? You seem to do well on brazilian websites...

At 11/17/2004 8:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey FV, are you sure about those fashion rio dates? my friend says it's the 15th - 19th. i would have to extend my stay, but if i do i can shoot for his magazine.

At 11/17/2004 9:02 PM, Blogger FV said...

Isabela, where do you live then?
Nope, my Portuguese is as good (bad) as my Russian, but I had little trouble tracking Russian models for years anyway
(although I have yet to visit Brazil, but been to Moscow etc several times)

dk - are you the one in the 3d post? - whatever that says, posted today:

Já estão definidas as datas da temporada brasileira do verão 2005 no Rio e em SP. Os principais eventos dedicados às grandes marcas vão rolar em janeiro.

O Fashion Rio abre oficialmente a temporada, entre 12 e 15 de janeiro (de quarta a sábado) no Mam-Rio. Na seqüência acontece a SP Fashion Week, entre 19 e 25 de janeiro (quarta a terça)


Better double-check though, I've seen different dates listed as well in some sites

who will be there? The usual suspects, V Zelyaeva (Valentina Eva)- maybe some "guest models" from NYC, no idea about Gisele or Adriana.

At 11/17/2004 9:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, that comment is me. my friend says he saw the other dates somewhere on, but didn't tell me where. i hope it's your dates and not theirs! -dk

At 11/17/2004 9:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

not sure if the fashion week schedule is FTV programming or actual dates of the shows:

that same friend went to all the fashion weeks of the last 8 months, and he just told me he randomly met cynthia dicker in an internet cafe. this guy gets around! -dk


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