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Saturday, November 06, 2004

If you are looking for a saucy 2005 calendar and like Shana Zadrick types, check out the calendar featuring Samantha de Grenet - the "how it was made" feature on TV Moda (on HotBird 13E) convinced me !!
Another example of how a 34 yo can look better than almost any fashion "fresh face".

Daria Werbowy looks like a tarted-up joke on the cover of W magazine.
IMG wants to make her a "supermodel", but these mid 90s-style shoots need Cosmopolitan covergirl types to work, not hip high fashion models. W can afford to experiment, since they sell less than 50,000 newsstand copies anyway.

Has anyone told the hipsters that recently hip Women agency mod Shannon Click is a "GUESS model"? I guess Rowland is trying to cover up this embarassing (for the hip crowd) detail...

I got the recent Vogue Paris (fashion is a Parisian rather than a French thing)- I don't mind browsing since I didn't pay for it !!!
Let's see - we have sporty (!!) Kate Moss on the cover - did Katie ever go to a gym or did any jogging? Whatever - the Chanel ads feat Isabeli look tacky with all the oversize logos, but people tell me there are endless queues of Japanese tourists buying Chanel and Vuitton these days in Paris, so success is guaranteed. The Roberto Cavalli redhead looks weird - maybe Roberto is expanding into the "Vogue Teen" market. C Murphy impersonating Liz Hurley as the E Lauder family girl looks less than convincing - I think Liz will be around for many more years. Isabeli again (she is all over the place)for Versace Crystal Noir perfume - looks like a high fashion attempt at a sexy perfume campaign, the photographer must be one of the usual suspects. By comparison, the Ungaro Apparition ad is far better - even if the mod looks like Testino's fave London "street urchin". The issue is more of a perfume rather than a sports special. There is an ed with 27 yo Brazilian model/celeb Fernanda Lima, and even Liz Hurley in a bad hair day, exercising in an art-deco hotel room. The posh party coverage is unimpressive - L'Officiel always does better than Roitfeld's rag. The main difference from US Vogue is that men are featured in the mag.

btw since the NYC "pros" are rather predictable, I won't be surprised if Daria and Isabeli "clones" start showing up in the "hip in NYC" model charts.

Isabeli on the cover of Brazilian Istoe Gente - the mag article makes the affair with Henri Castelli "official".


At 11/07/2004 10:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i spent five minutes in an elevator with shana zadrick around 1993 or '94 on the way up to the booking room at IMG NYC with my friend who was signed with them. definitely one of the most amazing models i've ever seen, and i'll never forget those five minutes!

i don't think samantha de grenet really comes close though, judging by what i just saw on her official website. she doesn't look bad, of course....


At 11/08/2004 12:20 AM, Blogger FV said...

The IMG floor was on the 150th floor or something??? Five minutes???

I remember when I took the external elevator for the first time in the LA Bonaverture hotel - where scenes from "Breathless" feat the tasty Valerie Kaprinsky were filmed - going up was OK, but on the way down, I was 110% sure I was going to crash at supersonic speed - the fact that the cabin at some point goes through a hole in a cement block (which looks lie a flat surface from inside the cabin) didn't help much...

At 11/08/2004 9:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this was when IMG was at 22nd st. and 5th avenue (i think they moved, right?). i'm being conservative with my five minute estimate: it felt like a century being in that elevator with her!



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