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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Did Alexander the Great wear eyeliner?

I am sure Vogue types will actively debate the subject, now that the Stone movie is coming out, with the actors playing Alexander and his close friends all using eye cosmetics.
And did he prefer Maybelline-like stuff, or more prestigious brands?
Of course, we know that other historical figures used eyeliner too - the Pharaons in Egypt used it to protect their skin from sun glare, but that doesn't sound very exciting.
Then again, what do you expect from men who wear skirts?
And was Alexander wearing anything beneath the skirt? Scotts men are rumored not to, and some evidence to that follows:

It's a good thing the rival "Alexander" movie starring Leo diCrapio died an ugly death - Leo as Alexander would be a joke.

For me, the two most interesting characters in the Alexander story are Roxanne and Thais.
The Roxanne story is very exciting, and it's even related to Armageddon eschatology (Alexander is said to have built iron gates to seal off the land of Gog-Magog, near the area where he met Roxanne, south of present-day Samarkand, Uzbekistan, and just north of the Oxus river and the Afghanistan border) so the casting of Rosario Dawson as the woman who mesmerized him is hardly the best possible choice. I expected a far more impressive actress - or model- to play the role.
There is lots of crappy history around the net, but the (historical) account I believe is that Roxanne was a 15 year old girl whom Alexander saw dancing during a wedding, and "fell in love at first sight". After all, he is quoted to have "developed an interest in Oriental women", meaning Persian/Central Asian.
The other woman is Thais, one of Alexander's girlfriends/mistresses - she is the one who convinced him to burn down Persepolis during a feast. I don't know who plays her in the Stone movie, but it's an interesting casting choice.


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