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Friday, November 12, 2004

The Chanel No5 commercial/short film is about to hit the TV and cinema screens. Check out the story line and tell me how this is different from the BMW short film and the Italian TIM mobile ads, both starring Adriana Lima (OK, Adriana actually drives the car)

The short "film" is a quick-cut version of a love story that tells a tale of the most famous woman in the world (Kidman), who flees a horde of paparazzi and jumps into a taxi where she meets a young writer (Brazilian star Rodrigo Santoro) so immersed in his own world that he does not know who she is. They share a lost weekend in his garret before she acknowledges her responsibilities and returns to the outside world.

The NYT doesn't mention the film cost - originally thought to be 5 milllion, or 18 million UK pounds, according to others. Will Nicole sell in non-English speaking markets? Is she big is East Asia? We'll see.
Predictably, the NYT hack mentions the BMW short film, but not the fact that Adriana Lima was the female star - I guess if CondeNast editrixes don't like you, the CondeNast-friendly NYT will ignore you.


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