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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Self-proclaimed "weirdo" admitted taking drugs in 1993 - Kristen McMenamy interview

The Chanel show in Paris featured several "supermodels" - including, according to fashion media, Kristen McMenamy.
Kristen had become the top NYC model biz face by 1995/96 - a US Vogue covergirl, she was a failure when it came to matching the popular appeal of the "true" supermods, and you will be hard-pressed to find anyone outside NYC remembering her.
She disappeared along with most hip NYC biz waifs from the mid-90s(a few, like Amber Valletta, were resurrected after 1998) and surfaced again in the recent Prada show in Milan. Those who find S Meisel a little too predictable suspected what was coming up after Guinevere Van Seenus was "recalled"...

Kristen's inclusion in the Chanel show, after the Prada opening, is an effort by AW and Co to rehabilitate her - as to why she went AWOL, the following may provide some clues - remember, that was "heroin chic" time, and the Face was one of the influential publications which promoted hard drug use as fashionably hip

Aug 1993 KRISTEN McMENAMY by Lucie Young (full post here)


At 10/10/2004 2:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this of course would depend on exactly which drugs she's doing, but instead of just saying that models aren't all perfect and that's why she talks about her drug use, she could say that drug policy is based on lies and should be changed. that's what i would say at least... -dk

At 10/14/2004 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least her interview is more fun to read than an interview with Miss Perfect (Cindy C). What's the big deal with Kristen taking some drugs? Everybody drinks and alcohol can be considered a drug. Not everybody who drinks a few times a weak is an alco, not everybody who smokes a few joints or does a few lines is a drug addict. It's all about understanding your own limits and stopping before you become someone you don't want to be. That's life.


At 10/14/2004 12:10 PM, Blogger FV said...

the problem is that some mods were blacklisted by the "pros" when their drug habit became public and embarassed their "Mary Poppins" goody-two-shoes image

They do seem to be very tolerant of models taking drugs -as long as it doesn't hit the headlines


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