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Sunday, October 31, 2004

No major news as the holiday shopping season approaches - maybe 2-3 fashion modelling contests, and then party and wait for the Brazilian shows in January.

The threat of a Maggie Rizer "comeback" looms in the horizon (who can forget trashmeister Karl Lagerfeld's overexposed pics of Maggie, allegedly to help the hapless Fendi sisters sell clothes) after she is expected to get back some of the 7 million bucks her stepfather "defrauded" from her.
The British thought Maggie models coz she represents "the posh female captain of a US polo team" - the NYC crowd thinks she looks "next door fab". I am clueless.

Testino gets to shoot both Versace (Madonna?) and Gucci - it may be trash, but at least in won't be like the el-cheapo NYC-style studio-based Meiselian jobs.

Katie news - LUCIAN FREUD's portrait of a pregnant and naked Kate Moss, unveiled at Christie's yesterday, looks set to fetch at least £3.5 million at auction. The near-lifesize portrait by the 81-year old artist has been hailed by experts at the auction house as "the slow scrutiny of the Old Masters meets the world of contemporary fashion.
No word of what happened to the anatomically correct plaster cast of Katie's butt, stolen from the house of another famous London artist a few years ago - that piece was more representative of contemporary British culture.
I will keep researching this subject.

Clues for the Clueless dept -
UK Vogue editrix Alexandra Shulman (of "Sofia Loren is white trash" fame) says about Elle Mcpherson on the October issue cover:
I had met Elle and we had talked about her underwear range. I was impressed with how evangelical she was, and how incredible she looked. Vogue had never put her on the cover - she's more of an Elle girl, and you are either one or the other.
which means - things are so shitty these days, that if "Elle girls" (she refers to the women Elle magazine prefers to use) can buy some advertising, even Vogue editrixes will abandon their principles and feature them in their mags. AW must be horrified - beautiful and sensual women showing up in Vogue? What's next - models in "soft porn" swimsuits and lingerie?
This can mean the end for "professionals" like Rowland, Bart and Co, who built their careers on selling quirky/kooky faces and bodies. They worked hard to convince the fashionable Joe Blow that "Elle women" have no place in high fashion - if that concept is diluted, what's the future for "hip" Women/IMG/DNA/etc models?

Finally - Cintia Dicker shows some Brazilian teen mod leg


At 10/31/2004 6:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Mmmm... Cintia Dicker is lovely. I wholly approve your new-found crush on her! ;)

And "Elle models" trump "Vogue models" anyday! (Though there ARE some Vogue models I like... like Isabeli Fontana and Gemma Ward...) I'm also willing to bet that Elle models are much more popular with the general public and could sell much more product as well.

And at least Elle magazine features far more varied models and lay-outs than Vogue does! If I never see another tired editorial of Gisele Bundchen, Daria Werbowy and that hideously ugly Caroline Trentini standing around looking dumb in a garden... it will be too soon! Seriously, WHAT is WITH Anna Wintour and those garden party editorials?!


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