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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Alvaro/Isabeli saga continues...

While Isabeli travelled to Milan/Paris with her grandmother, Alvaro spoke to QUEM (Sept 30th issue) - the translation is approximate.

Alvaro objected to baby Zion staying with Isabeli's mother while she was travelling.
Isabeli arrived in Brazil from Jamaica on Sept 18th and left on Sept 23d for Spain, without seeing her son, whom she had left to Alvaro. She was apparently with Henri Castelli at the time, and was seen in Florianopolis.
Interestingly, Isabeli had a fight with her mother, Maribel, for over a year before Zion was born, but they got close again whle she was pregnant - the pregnancy btw was "unplanned".
QUEM - You don't want to leave Isabeli see Zion?
ALVARO JACOMOSSI - Isabeli delivered the child to me as she was to travel. We made a verbal agreement that she would be with the Zion one month and me, another one. The judge did not agree to this because the child needed a routine life, he cannot be each day in different place.

QUEM - She says that you have refused to say where she the child is.
�J - I already knew that she started a process against me. They had started accusing me of kidnapping, but I am the father of the child. Nobody is looking for me. This is nonsense. She wants to be travelling for three months with Zion. I am the father. Why I can't be with the child?

QUEM - But where is Zion, then?
�J - With my sister Helena, who takes care of him since he was small, in Blumenau, but he always is with me.

QUEM - It is true that you want half of the money?
�J - The 10 million that has been spoken about does not exist. I am single, 24 years old, my family has money. Already I made ten more international campaigns. Isabeli helps to support the family. What I want is to divide what we constructed together. We have a house, an inn and two cars. I only want what I have a right to. I have made investments and kept money.

QUEM - And what would be the solution?
�J - I find that Isabeli is lost, she does not know what she is doing. This is not a thing for civilized people. All my telephones are working, they know where to find me.


At 10/05/2004 1:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's seems to me that somebody is trying to vindicate Mr Alvaro Jacomossi. I won't be astonished if somebody in QUEM is a huge fan of that fellow. For me there is no two ways about the situation. Two people were together, they even have a child. It's a great tragedy for both of them and specially for the baby that they cannot be together. Personally I think that Alvaro was the reason of their separation.But the point is whether they are mature enough to solute the situation. It seems to me that the reason is not only in the great attachment for the baby. Somebody is desparetely trying to curse Isabeli(Zion is with his sister by the way).The reason is arrogance and injured vanity. It's really a confusing behaviour for a man. If you gave a word to deliver a baby in a concrete day you should do that. Isn't it normally for a mother to worry.

At 10/05/2004 2:35 PM, Blogger FV said...

I don't think there is any pont of tracking down who should get the most blame - I know much older and wiser people who ended up in a much bigger mess in similar situations

I am sure Isabeli's newly found friends in NYC (the same ones who told her she "was over" along with all other Brazilians -sans Gisele- in 2001, and removed her from the "A-List" even if she was Vogue's "millennium model" - told her to follow the "Carolyn Murphy model"
When CM discovered something new and more exciting than the boho life in a Costa Rica surfer camp, her surferboy ex had to endlessly knock on the door of her new boyfriend's mansion so that he could see their son, as he was entitled to by court order, and what he was getting was CM telling him "I am gonna nickel and dime you to death in court" over the intercom.

That's what the ideal "Vogue woman" would do - but I don't think Isabeli is anywhere near such a dehumanized state, and if Alvaro steps back from his ego - he probably took Isabeli for granted for too long, and can't come to terms with her sudden success - they can get to some solution.

At 10/06/2004 5:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TPM also has a interview with him where he is a TOP MODEL. For god's sake, he tells Isabeli can get her son but she can't and he keeps posing like the good guy. liar. i liked him. hate him now, thought.



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