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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

William M send me this pic from Kiev - apparently the Ukrainian leg of the Ford Models "Supermodel" contest will take place in Kiev, on September 25th. The model babe is apparently from Donetsk - click on the pic for more details. Karin Kiev is organising the contest once again, they have loads of good mods so the winners should be OK. The second model agency mentioned, Model's D-Vision MG, is in the Donbass (river Don basin) region of Eastern Ukraine, probably in Donetsk.

Anyone knows if Elite Look will take place in Russia/Ukraine this year? If not, it won't be very credible as an international contest.

A horrible thought just occured - what if the dudes in Meisel's W ed show up in "Mary Poppins" fashions? The Wal-Mart types will certainly applaud the concept.

Shows so far - people were waiting for Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui to see who the new season "hip" faces will be. A busload of mostly nondescript ex-USSR types along with loads of "fresh" US models arrived just before the shows, and apparently stole a few show casting places from the better known (but not really) faces - that was also evident in the MJ show. The Bugs were present in force in both. In the Sui show, several of the "Ye Olde Faithful" types - like Audray Marnay -showed up (don't tell me, Betak was involved in the show?) and even Naomi C was there. I don't remember Naomi doing so many shows in NYC before, looks like the locals finally accepted that she is the the only real supermodel still active, whether they like it or not. The negative publicity that she continues to receive from AW's "fans" isn't helping the "use supermodels to sell clothes" concept championed by Vogue, but old habits die hard.

Alessandra Ambrosio in the Rosa Cha show, photo by dk


At 9/15/2004 3:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meisel casts the show so there's the reason for Audrey being there. The only unpredictable face in that show was Cintia Dicker, I hope she becomes more popular, she rocks.

I think I've seen Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at some shows (Y and Kei, Esteban Cortazar, Nicole Miller), she's so pretty, even more so considering she's sort of a royal or something. She'd get more shows if she wasn't with PLANIT m..



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