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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Linda E under the knife

I previously poked some fun at Linda Evangelista for her "new" look - "now looking ten years younger" according to the mainstream media - and wondered how some cosmetics companies could swindle their customers (although that seems to be standard practice in NYC/London, with Katie's fake eyebrows for Rimmel, etc) by putting her on their cosmetics campaigns
The usual AW/Meisel/Katie fan club of course claims that Linda achieved her new look by natural means - now she herself admits some "surgery" was used...

"...Supermodel Linda Evangelista has confessed to undergoing cosmetic surgery and is planning to have more.
The Canadian beauty has only had minor surgery -- but she's considering major work in a bid to prolong her catwalk career.
The 39-year-old says, "I am certainly thinking about it. I have already had Botox, like all the models. I am happy to admit it..."

Like "all the models" ????
Remember that before you buy "luxury" cosmetics products, as advertised in Vogue, etc

The ex Miss Teen Niagara also shows how ungrateful she is - in the interview she gave to the Style magazine included with the UK Sunday Times (and which Cathy posted) she gives this explanation about how she became big:
"...Even after I moved to New York, it took three years for my career to get going. I went to see photographers more than once, usually with a changed portfolio, but the answer was always no. Eventually, Peter Lindbergh gave in and used me. Don’t ask me why — I think he just got sick of seeing me...".

About her ex, Gerald Marie: "...The “mistakes� include a disastrous marriage in 1987 to Gerald Marie, who was the director of Linda’s model agency, Elite, in Paris. “It was a mistake to marry him and it sure was a mistake to let him take control of my affairs,� she says bitterly. “But my life restarted when I walked away from my husband..."

Yeah right - others asked "why", and everyone who read the M Gross book (Linda is obviously not aware of it) knows that she was a nobody before she met and married Gerald M - her previous relationship with photographer Andre Rau didn't help much - and it was the Elite Paris boss who arranged the makeover (the same Paris hairdresser who did that also gave Leticia Birkheuer the brunette makeover that made her "high fashion hip", I think) and made sure, along with AW, Meisel and Lindbergh, that she appeared on Vogue covers for over 12 months in a row - it was part of the "high fashion supermodel" marketing plan, engineered by Elite and Gianne Versace on one hand, and certain biz figures on the other. All that is verified by many different sources, quoted in the Gross book.

I wonder if the Mac Viva Glam V and Nars cosmetics people have informed their customers that Linda E has at least a major Botox operation - I suspect the UK Advertising Standards authority will get involved with this soon...

I am sure that many good beauty/cosmetics models, who never had any such "enhancements", will voice their disagreement with the "all mods do it" comment

All that hoopla has to do with Linda E catwalking in London again - and she'll probably do a few shows in Milan and Paris as well. I wonder if W mag has removed her from the official "bitchy" list...

If you get your info from the NY Times or WWD, you would think US Vogue was doing great and their competitors were struggling -in fact, AW's mag was down over 11% in ad pages in August - compared to August 2003 - whereas H Bazaar was up over 44% !!!
January to August, Vogue is still down over 5.4% while HB is up 14.4% and US Elle up 1.9%.
What AW is really worried about is InStyle -- they are up 8.7% in ad pages and 22% in ad revenue, to over 210 million dollars, while Vogue is only 3.6% up in ad revenue, to 146 mil
Looks like the InStyle editrix is going to whip AW's ass again - is it the third year in a row?


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