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Saturday, September 04, 2004

"Exploring good taste" my ass - you can't teach an old dog new tricks, says me.

Some IMG toothless wonder I mentioned before appears in a list of "hip this season" hipsters find anything else to be expressive in a woman's face other than her eyebrows?...P Rowland is now into Polaroid photography...Carol Ribeiro is officially hip again...Yep, Jemma, Lily and Co will be hip this season also - their hype campaign costs have not been amortised yet...I dunno about "kitten faced" models, but hip NYC kittens must look really weird...IMG continues to "discover" ex-USSR faces in Canada - I wonder what will happen if they start scouting in Coney Island...if you thought An Oost looked bad, you haven't seen the new eclectic blondes the usual suspects are hawking...if you don't like them, go and buy Cosmopolitan... the concept of French Elle exporting semi-edgy models to NYC is so bizarre, I refuse to comment...Worry no longer, a US Linda Vojtova "lookalike" was discovered...Does the modelling world so desperately need an All-American superstar right this minute? I never felt that urge...what happened to Erin Wasson?...Oh, well...


At 9/04/2004 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Erin Wasson is still waaaaay too busy for my tastes. She's headlining a campaign for some hoity-toity fashion brand (saw three ads for it in the September Vogue-- maybe it was Caroline Herrera?). She's also gets a page in the new Ann Taylor 50th Anniversery ad campaign. I think she's still with Maybelline.

Frankly, I think she's so mannish and always has an immense bitch-face going on. Why is she still so popular with both commercial and high fashion modeling?!

At 9/04/2004 12:28 PM, Blogger FV said...

well, she said it all when she said "don't we all look like sexy bitches"?

She was supposed to be the All-American superstar, but things stalled lately - J Wheeler and Angie L got campaigns she should be getting, and (horror of horrors!) she appeared on the cover of US Elle !!!

Maybe that was too much for some "traditionalists" - on top of that, a couple of lower-ranked models passed her in the recent "hip in NYC" model rankings changes, so it doesn't look well...

If I was to guess (not that I put too much effort in that one) I would bet that Erin will change agencies soon..


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