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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Brazilian model sisters in NYC

The Barros sisters, Ana Beatriz and Patricia, apparently in Soho, NYC.
Anyone knows who shot this pic?
They obviously shop for dresses at the same place - can someone tell what Ana Bia bought? (the bag says "Scoop" I think...)

Patricia looks like she is "expecting" something...

A good example for fashion correspondents - when you see a mod on the street, you don't freeze. You can shoot from far away, as in this case, which can be annoying, but why not be more daring and approach your subject(s). I could have shot 30 pics in burst mode while talking, if I was there !


At 9/04/2004 9:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Heh, they're both wearing matching dresses in different colors and the same print. That's so cute... though my mom stopped forcing me to color-coordinate with my siblings at the age of 13.

Patricia may or may not be pregnant... it's hard to tell with that type of dress, since it accentuates a woman's belly area naturally. Though Ana doesn't seem to have a problem with that...


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