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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Adriana Lima for TIM Italia

Adriana hits the really big time in Europe - she is in the new TIM mobile commercials on Italian TV. The models who appear in these ads become celebs in Italy and beyond - looks like the time has arrived for Adriana to become a huge success commercially, where it matters. After this, she couldn't care less about the objections of the NYC "homoerotic Mary Poppins" crowd, who can't stand her boobaliscious VS ads (but have no such trouble with AW-approved Gisele doing the same) - next season, she'll be the celebrity model in Milan catwalks, while Meisel's faves will remain internationally unknown, begging for a spot in a Banana Republic catalogue.

ROME -- On September 26 TIM launches its latest advertising campaign for "TIM TURBO", TIM's innovative third-generation offering, in a format adopted specially for this campaign.
TIM's high-speed communications technology and services feature in a series of new adverts starring a young couple that fit together to make a film story. The story unfolds as we might expect from the action/romance genre: the woman is pursued as she puts her suitor's true feelings to the test.
The spot was made by Leo Burnett Italia.
The new format was developed by executive creative director Sergio Rodriguez, art director Alessia Casini and copywriter Gaia Stagnitti. The series of adverts stars a brand-new female face for TIM. When her boyfriend Diego (played by Spaniard David Guillo') asks her to marry him, beautiful Brazilian-born top model Adriana Lima runs off and sends him the first of several MMS messages: "Marry me if you catch me."

Thanks to Giulio F for the news item.


At 10/01/2004 6:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You can download Adriana's commercials in the following link:,,35_429,00.html#

She looks scorching hot! And in that commercial, she looks like she could kick the ass of any given Charle's Angel to Italy and back. What a stunner-- I'm glad things are going so well for her.


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