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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Weird Kiwis Dept

"...SUPERMODEL Rachel Hunter was left in tears after a teenage sex pest groped her breasts. Rod Stewart’s ex, 35, was posing for pictures when the 16-year-old lad lunged at her. She screamed in horror as he pawed her in front of hundreds of shocked fans at a shopping centre. The boy then tried to run off but he was grabbed by a shopper and handed over to police in Christchurch, New Zealand. Shop assistant Hayley Walla, 17, said last night: “Rachel was plugging her beauty products at the mall when this guy just flew out of the crowd and grabbed at her breasts.
“She screamed and started crying. She was really upset.�
Kiwi beauty Rachel recently starred in a pop video as a sexy mum who is fancied by her daughter’s young boyfriend. He fantasises about her dancing in a leather miniskirt..." the Sun reports.
No wonder - watching "Xena: Warrior Princess" reruns (another Kiwi cultural product) was probably the cause.


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