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Friday, August 06, 2004

Unforgettable fashion reporting

Nothing to do with NYC "fashion journalism", don't worry...

Shane Watson, March 30, 2001, The Guardian:
"...Carine Roitfeld...they refused to believe that someone with a face like Iggy Pop's, legs like Rumplestiltskin and the expression of a childcatcher could be the icon of fashion girls world over. "That", said one of them, "is the scariest looking woman I've ever seen". But isn't that the thing about cool? It is prized beyond rubies by a few obsessive individuals and is absolutely incomprehensible to everyone else..."


Sophie Dahl had some unfortunate experiances with family members:

David Jenkins, 11/10/2000, UK Telegraph.

"...As Isabella Blow, the fashion muse who four years ago discovered Sophie weeping on a London pavement and turned her into a modelling phenomenon, once put it: 'No one can keep their hands off Sophie.' complicate things further, when Sophie was 17, the famously rackety Tessa Dahl, her 44-year-old mother, also took one of Sophie's male friends to bed.
Tessa's waywardness - well-chronicled battles with hard drugs, suicide attempts, bankruptcy, a tendency to drag her teenaged daughter from India to New York to London and back again at the drop of a hat - inevitably took its toll on the mother-daughter relationship - no shit, says FV - it can't have been helped by the 'first period' party Tessa threw for Sophie at the Plaza, New York; a cake, with a single symbolic red candle, was wheeled was at Da Silvano's that she recently suffered a version of Britain's 'all hands on Sophie' syndrome. 'There I was, in the loo, with my trousers round my ankles, having a pee. And you know Paul Schrader? The man who wrote Taxi Driver? He was banging on the door and I said just a minute and he opened it! From the other side! With a key! And the whole restaurant saw me! Completely unacceptable!'..."


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