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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Modelling news - someone reportedly bought Elite Models NYC in a bidding auction in Miami - but does anybody really care? The lucky man gets Rianne T H and Linda Vojtova.

Olympics - the rumor mill was right, as the AP reports, "...Under suspicion of doping, Olympic hammer throw champion Adrian Annus retired from sports Thursday rather than deal with what he called a campaign to manipulate test results against him... International Olympic Committee officials told The Associated Press that Annus passed a drug test after winning the hammer throw Sunday, but doping control officials have been trying to track him down since then for further testing. The IOC wants to find out whether he provided his own urine for the test or whether he tried to beat the screening system as teammate and discus gold medalist Robert Fazekas allegedly did, the officials said on condition of anonymity...Annus remains under the jurisdiction of IOC doping rules through the end of the games Sunday. If found guilty of a doping offense by then, he would also lose his medal..."

Nothing is "official" of course - the IOC hasn't made any statements about Annus.
Not a very transparent process, since there are major commercial interests, sports politics and lots more involved.

Joke of the day - nope, it's not the latest entry into the NYC "A-list", by virtue of a single appearance in some obscure but allegedly hip British magazine, but the fact that the US Rythmic Gymnastics team protested about the score given to the sole US athlete in the competition, who finished 18th (!!) out of 24 gymnasts, in the hoop.
The US is so irrelevant in the sport, I doubt anyone will bother - as for Alina Kabayeva, she managed to drop something again, but finished in the top positions. The very tall Ukrainian who is her main opponent, Anna Bessonova, looked very solid, but the Ukrainian team messed up and is out of the team finals.

Like, my fans care if I drop a $#@tty hoop, thinks Alina...


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