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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Hypocritical PETA

The PETA people used to throw stuff at AW some years ago - but since the editrix consolidated her power in NYC, and probably bought them out like everyone else in town, these "sensitive" characters chose not to cause any trouble during high fashion events - or protest against Gisele or other voguey models who did Blackglama, etc campaigns. The news that they now decided to attack Cindy Crawford because she appears in the latest Blackglama campaign shows how hypocritical they really are - you can bet they'll behave themselves during NYCFW, acting like proper AW lackeys.

Trashy Burberry - "...Pub chain owner Barracuda said it had banned drinkers from wearing Burberry, Aquascutum, Henry Lloyd and Stone Island in two city centre pubs in Leicester after the labels had become associated with lager loutish behaviour. A spokeswoman for the chain said the policy was flexible and would allow, for example, well-behaved women carrying Burberry handbags..." I bet the Japanese embassy in London will issue a travel warning...

Tom Ford denied rumours that he was in talks to work with Miramax...while Elizabeth Jagger was told by Lancome that she would have to put on weight or risk losing her contract...

More Claudia S fan trouble - "...Police were called this weekend after a 49-year-old Canadian man turned up at the front door of her £9 million Suffolk mansion, asking to meet "the lovely Claudia". It is thought that he had flown 3,500 miles with the sole intention of meeting her. He was taken in by the police but was released after agreeing not to try and visit Schiffer again..."
Someone should tell this guy about Canadian "top models"...


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