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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The first pics of the US Vogue 3-fold cover with nine mods are out, but the major hype machine remains silent since they need to get some fan feedback first - I am not going to say anything yet, other than that the snapper copied an old Arena mag cover page concept and the makeup/airbrushing is worse than even the nastiest L'Oreal ads.
Oh - and no US models are included in the group.

So - what about people like G Armani and R Cavalli, who were sold "2nd rate" IMG models by Testino and Co in the last couple of seasons, the ones who were left out of the US Vogue cover? Too bad for them - they better be more careful next time.
Meanwhile, their (more important to Conde Nast) competitors are represented, since their mods are included in the multi-group shoot.

Update on NYC "high fashion" icons - informs us that one of the NYC Warholite crowd's major heroines, "low life in high heels" transvestite Holly Woodlawn (see a previous post) is not only still alive, but even gave a big party recently. No news on who attended the party though - I would like to know how many fashionable Mary Poppins fans were present. Holly was last seen in a coma, in L.A.
She starred in the movie "Trash" (1970)- one of the famous Warhol trilogy (Flesh, Heat and Trash). Many NYC fashion characters remain fixated to that period - some even have Joe Dallesandro's hair (Joe's were real though)

You already know which model (on the Sept US Vogue cover, too) "pays homage" to Jackie Curtis - guess which one may do the same for Holly - Meisel's styling in some recent Vogue Italia cover may provide some clues...check these pics out.

As for Candy Darling - she actually looked sexier than some hip "A-Listers"

Did you know that Betsey Johnson was involved with the Warhol crowd, designed clothes for the Velvet Underground, and was married to John Cale?
Nowdays she casts "pretty" models for her show - and the basse classe Warholites (Meisel and Co) ignore her.

New Age truths

One mod who was on the NYC fashion blacklist made a comeback recently.
Guinevere Van Seenus had a problem (other than the fact that she looks very "1997 chic", but has been restyled) - she made this statement, according to Village Voice, in an intereview she gave to the Face mag:
"...Karma has lots of different explanations. I've been told that 'gay' is really that you've had so many lifetimes as a particular sex that, when you move into a new sex, you have trouble adjusting. One of the karmic explanations for the Jews that were massacred was that they were the Huns at one point. You know, they massacred, pillaged, and raped thousands of villages so . . . I mean, I dunno if I believe that, but if you're bad you're gonna have repercussions in another lifetime..."

After five or so years in the freezer, she is back, and apparently very hip.


At 8/18/2004 5:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


There is a picture of the Vogue cover. It's so tacky looking, as though the Voguies were so desperate to prove that they still loved models that they crammed every single IT girl they could find in a three page fold-out. Laaaaaaame! And I can't believe they only have one non-white model and NO Americans featured! The Voguies are so goddamn racist. Isn't Ujjwala Raut or Ai Tominaga good enough for them?!

At 8/18/2004 7:12 PM, Blogger FV said...

Their readers think black women belong to Ebony, etc

The US may have great quota systems and anti-racist laws, but their media operates on an apartheid system

mags in much more ethnically pure countries (Italy, Spain, etc) wouldn't have any trouble putting an "ethnic" mod on their cover

but - even if a celeb like Naomi C appears on the Vogue cover, they'll lose thousands of newsstand sales

At 8/18/2004 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think it would sell less if they put a black model on the actual cover (not the 3-fold). They THINK it would sell less but they haven't tried it yet, how could they know?? Black people buy Vogue, most young people are not racists, and even the black women who don't buy Vogue because of the apparent racism in that magazine would probably buy it if they saw a black model on the cover. This is so typical of them anyway.. Ai Tominaga belongs on that cover, she belongs in the editorials of the magazine, not only in Japanese Bazaar or whatever. I'll be watching out for Elle, if they really wanna make a statement they should put a black or Asian model on the cover ASAP.

Betsey Johnson was married to John Cale?!? that's news to me.

What Guinevere said may sound racist but maybe it wasn't. Remember that she was much younger when she said that, and magazines sometimes take things out of context in order to be quoted or something. Her career did go downhill after she said that lol. But if gay designer Marc Jacobs picked her for his campaign everything must be forgotten now. I can't think of any Jewish people in fashion right now, though. She does look amazing in her W/Mert & Marcus spread, and I wasn't really a fan or hers before.



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