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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Eva in Italy

"...Isn't life a ball? Czech catwalker Eva Herzigova was spotted frolicking on the Sardinian coast recently looking every inch the supermodel, her perfect curves wrapped in a polka dot bikini and the arms of two millionaires. Staying at Flavio Briatore's famous Billionaire's Club on the island, Eva was seen laughing and indulging in a group hug with the Formula One boss, ex-boyfriend of both Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum, and her boyfriend, Italian businessman Gregorio Marsiaj..."

Looks like Eva put the AW/US Vogue episode behind her - while clueless "pros" are trying to make some ancient S Meisel faves look "10 years younger" using modern science, guess who is going to profit the most from the "supermodel revival" of 2005...
Naomi too, although the usual high fashion suspects won't notice - "supermodels" and models in general don't sell in their local market.

This is what the Sun had to say:

Eva Is looking her beautiful best after shocking everyone with her gaunt look last year. At the start of 2003 the supermodel's pale and anorexic look had rumours circulating about her health.
But recent appearances show a different picture looking as gorgeous as she ever did.

Me says - I don't remember any NYC "fashion journalists" making similar comments - since she looked "gaunt" on her way to a dinner with AW, the hacks were probably scared shitless about angering the alpha female (AW) - "family values", Mary Poppins etc notwithstanding.

Eva will soon be seen in her latest film, Modigliani, and this time she is determined that her movie career takes off. She will disappoint her male fans as she has said that she does not intend to unveil the double feature which made her a household name in the first place.

The beauty made herself famous when she fronted the Wonderbra billboard ads ten years ago, winning her an army of admiring fans
(Me says - that was in Europe, the US mod was far blander)

In a report she says that she is constantly bombarded with offers from people offering me huge amounts of money to do stuff, whether it is films or just posing in a studio.
(Me says - I bet Gemma and Co are getting lots of similar offers - after all, for the avid Vogue reader, they are the "top models", while Eva H (!!!) isn't)

Eva, 31, also reportedly says that she gets with rubbish offered, for example, Superbra Versus Godzilla. "If they can find an excuse for me to display my breasts then they take it. These films are outrageous. I would be ashamed to be in them, or for my family to see them. The image that I am a sex symbol is such an antiquated idea - if you have fair hair and blue eyes so you must be stupid. You model, so it makes you doubly stupid.

Eva can speak four languages. The daughter of a secretary and a mining engineer, she was spotted at the age of 16 by a model agency scout, during her ten years on the catwalk she becoming one of the highest paid models before deciding to try her hand at acting. After several attempts that went nowhere she seemed to have lost her way but luckily for Eva, one of the few people to recognize her true talent was Glaswegian Mick Davis, who wrote the movie Modigliani.

It tells the tale of artist Pablo Picasso's great rival Amedeo Modigliani and Mick thought Eva would be perfect in the role of Picasso's wife Olga. Her portrayal of the feisty character was greeted with acclaim by critics at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this month.

Eva says she now wants to concentrate on acting and is hoping her latest role will lead to other movies.
Eva has been dating Gregorio Marsiaj, who runs his own sports footwear firm and is the son of a well-off Turin businessman, for two years, friends describe them as very, very happy."

NYC Fashion Week is coming up September 8th, and the last ex-USSR mods that I know, who never visited NYC before, are heading for the Big Apple. I told one teen mod that according to the NY Times, ladies over 17 are not supposed to show too much of their legs in public - and that the "Mary Poppins" look is considered appropriate for the trendy. Her response was "They can $%$#&$ Mary Poppins where @#$%# - plus some Russian comments I couldn't decipher. I asked another mod - her professional opinion regarding the statistics of a well-known Russian hip mod. Her comment was "..her butt is bigger than a Moscow public bus...", which I guess is used as a unit of measurement. A third teen birdie, of the Moscovite highbrow variety, commented on the cosmopolitan quality of another A-lister: "She sounds like she comes from a little village - I bet her mother has a cow". Obviously zillions of TV shows promoting the fun of US farming life had little effect in Russian urban areas. Add to that lots of trash talk about Marc Jacobs and LVMH - apparently the sight of Masha Shaparova in 100% L Vuitton was considered gross, even though she was dressed for a London posh event.
Guess what - the Ford Models contest winner from Kiev made a late entry into the "A-List", apparently she will be in NYC catwalks. No news about how much weight she was forced to lose in order to qualify.


At 8/11/2004 10:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eva looks amazing again, it just pisses me off that she won't admit that she lost the weight in order to book American Vogue or whatever. In an interview with a British newspaper she was like "I've always been skinny" yeah right, she looked really sick for a while there..

"her butt is bigger than a Moscow public bus"..? sounds like envy to me. I bet all Russian models would love to have Volodina's level of success. What's wrong if her butt is a bit bigger than other models's?? She is incredible, I don't see designers not using her in their shows because her butt is big..

I'm surprised too about Nataliya Gotsyi, I thought her career wouldn't go anywhere after 1 year (2?) with Ford.. but she looks like a doll, I hope she books everything. And while on the Ford subject, Delfine Bafort is now a brunette! She looks really good, I bet she will become cool all over again.



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