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Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Conde Nast plug, disguised as an AP story, continues to circulate - a more expanded version of the stuff you saw below appeared on CNN and other media. It's funny how AW's mag claims to represent all of fashion, as if the rest don't exist or have opinions. If the people from H Bazaar and Elle don't object to her claims, it will certainly appear to be so. H Bazaar is a pathetic runner-up to Vogue - they are so helpless, their only hope of surviving is that Vogue continues to do well so that they can keep copying it - if Vogue goes down, they are finished too. Elle is obviously run by a clueless lot - even though they have a non-model on their Sept cover, I won't be surprised if somebody from their organization publically agrees with AW's dictates. The NY Times and other big guns remain silent - I guess they are trying to find a way to sell the Conde Nast PR without insulting their readers, who only six months ago were told why celebs are so much better than models.
Is someone going to ask Alberta Ferretti, who claimed that celebs are "human" while models aren't, what she thinks about AW's move?
Not that the pathetic and insecure Milanese (or the Parisienne for that matter) plan to object - they'll just take whatever models the usual suspects tell them are cool and hope they get some publicity out of all this.

A clueless question - since "...This season's styles are so strong..", as a Mr Julian asserts, will we continue to see the officially "nondescript" models in the hip charts?

btw - why didn't AW announce the news herself, but instructed a Sally Singer to do the job? Take a guess...

As for mag performance, PIB figures from January to July 2004, compared to the same period in 2003, show:

US Vogue is DOWN 4.8% in ad pages, up 4.8% in ad dollars
US Elle is up 2.2% in ad pages, up 9.9% in ad dollars
US H Bazaar is up 11.9% in ad pages, up 20.1% in ad dollars

Teen Vogue was up 97% and Elle Girl 71% in ad dollars, as teens seem to desert YM, Teen People and Seventeen.

Obviously, the "H Bazaar in trouble" stories you see in the NY Times or WWD are planted, and show how these publications are "influenced" by Conde Nast interests.

However - US Vogue appears to be doing very well in newsstand sales - for the first six months of 2004 (compared to the same period in 2003), they are up 10.5%, a better performance than Elle (up 6%), H Bazaar (up 6.7%) and InStyle (down 1.1%) - W was down 16.7% and is selling only 43,000 newsstand copies.
This seems to contradict what AW's cronies are suggesting - Vogue's celeb covers seem to be selling very well this year.

Elle's subscriptions btw have almost reached Vogue's - but their "total paid circulation" is 1.043 million compared to 1.275 million for Vogue. Cosmo sells almost 3 million copies.


At 8/21/2004 6:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>>Elle's subscriptions btw have almost reached Vogue's - but their "total paid circulation" is 1.043 million compared to 1.275 million for Vogue. Cosmo sells almost 3 million copies.

I don't think you realize how happy it makes me to see that Cosmo is outselling Vogue and Elle by almost 3X. Yay for populism! Down with pretension!

Cosmo is a pretty boring and sex-obsessed magazine overall, but it is just funny to realize ow popular it is, compared to the increasingly stale "high fashion" mags. In your face, Anna W! Curvy, "uncool" models actually sell!

At 8/21/2004 6:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And that was me, FUNNYFAN. Sigh... I always forget to sign my name...


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