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Friday, August 13, 2004

Ana in some weird Surf dudes party in NYC organized by Rowland and Co - only days before she left Women for Next. Notice the risque outfit - probably too much for the SI Swimsuit issue parties, where the girls dress in conservative "Las Vegas escort service" fashions. The gaze is very appropriate, I think it's perfect for her "sexy and impossibly perfect" image.


At 8/14/2004 5:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


:D How could anyone dress too "risque" for a Sports Illustrated party-- especially if you posed half-nekkid for that mag???

At 8/14/2004 9:35 AM, Blogger FV said...

well, "half naked" dressing is what people do when they go swimmimg - it may look weird to people who live on top of a mountain, but it's a fact!

And since the SI issue is a "swimsuit issue", the mods in the photos appear in swimming wear
Since it is a US product, the outfits are in fact very conservative, compared to what can be seen in other "swimsuit" pics

The girls in their parties always wear some boring fashions, except a couple of blondes who try to show off ther boobs, but end up looking like LV escort service types

Some dresses can be more risque than others even if they expose equal amount of flesh - Liz Hurley wears some stuff which cannot be worn with underwear (it will show) but stills shows nothing "critical"


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