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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Supermodels and automobile advertising

Remember the Renault "Twingo e" ad from 96/97?
See if you can ID the mods...(click on the pic)
The tough one is in the middle...
The rest are easy - three Russians and an English girl.

The "e" was for "Elite" btw - celebrating the 20 years of Elite Models.  The mid-90s supermodel frenzy resulted into fashion models invading the automobile industry - guess what, Opel is coming out with "Fashion" car models this year...and there will be more of the same.
NYC types would of course have chosen Amber V, Maggie R, etc for the campaign - good thing it was shot in Paris... notice that this was ages before most NYC biz people knew Russian fashion models existed.

The second page from the same ad...


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