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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Real Flemish blonde babes eat lots of butter Dept

Annemieke van der Berg was the definition of the Flemish blonde babe on a 100% percent fat butter diet - in a pic from the Newport News catalog, where she is a regular

when I saw her next to 15 y.o Yfke, as Demarchelier was shooting the Dutch duo, 15 y.o (!!) Annemieke looked like she was going to explode out of that tight semi-transparent Elite Fashion dress - JC begged her to lose a few kilos, but she was oblivious to all that " Ooooh, but I am going to the Caribbean next for a shoot, nice eh?...". Her Euro agency stats are 1m79, 89-62-90.
Imagine that Elite abandoned mods like Annemieke and Ingrid Seynhaeve and even Yfke Sturm, and hyped dowdy Dewi Driegen - probably the blandest Dutch blonde mod ever (who btw never was in the Model Look - she was 3d in a Metropolitan Models contest that took place in Beijing in 2000, Marina Prudnykova was the winner, Dewi later switced to Elite).. not that high fashion didn't adore her, it couldn't possibly be otherwise.

I came very close to pissing off Demarchelier here - but I got a nice shot of Annemieke, Yfke and US girl Jennifer Sherley...who dares, wins.


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