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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Real biz pros comment...

Here is a post I received from a biz professional, regarding "aspirational" mods...

FV..PURE GENIUS!!  As a scout who has worked in the business for 20 years....and who has been told by more than one agency owner/director that I see things too far ahead..... Your article not only confirms every single complaint I have ever had about the lack of foresight in agencies and their bookers.. and the biggest problem of having people who allow "an attitude" to suffice for expierience and vision and who deny truly beautiful girls opportunities either because they are afraid to go against the "cool" flow and get their hand slapped for actually promoting a beautiful girl or they just can't see the forest through the trees and can't spot great new talent until someone else turns the girl out.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to be able to book a girl that already has an amazing book or has a book full of covers and tear sheets! The truly talented individuals in this industry are the ones who are able to see the stars before they are born and build them from ground zero. The defensive response from the glorified telemarketers who through their lack of vision--almost destroy a viable model's career who leaves them if she gets wise to them in time is-"Oh, we dropped her," or some other pithy slag.
I would like to know if the true visionaries in this industry are going to ever get the credit they deserve. Thank you for having the cohonees to paint a true picture of the sad state of this industry. There are people in this industry who truly care about the well being of young models..but too many are willing to look the other way to keep their "status" and their jobs and stand by and do nothing. Those who do pay a heavy price and are gravely underappreciated by the industry and worse by the models they try to protect.
Some believe it is safer to stick with the herd.. Not this maverick.. And FV either! Bravo!

My response:

Well, Ms Model Scout, one reason model quality has gone down is that the old model scouts have disappeared.  IMG had a couple of good ones, Elite had some excellent people in places like Vienna and Brazil, their guy in Moscow was terrorizing everyone but had the very best girls - but by late 1999, after the center of gravity moved to NYC, all these people went their own way. The quirky crowd destroyed the concept of the "quality model" - anyone could travel to some hamlet in the middle of nowhere, pick some 14 yo with bad teeth, send her to London where the hype machine would fix her with "Testino polaroids", "Katie Grand editorial" or whatever was needed to sell to NYC or the clueless types in Paris/Milan and that was it - there was no need for good scouts anymore. What's the point of finding a better model when she is worth as much as any nobody the usual suspects want to hype?
I make no money from modelling. so I can say whatever I want btw - Conde Nast, IMG, etc can't complain to my advertisers!!!!!!


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